Monday, January 26, 2009

Alright I had a couple half way decent bad meals over the weekend and Yes I did my HIIT on saturday. Today I was a little disappointed , I only weighed 231 same as last week. But earlier this week I was down by 3 lbs, guess bad meals whatever. Today I skipped normal routine and just ran my mile and a half like I was taking my PT test. Didn't go as well as expected, but it'll get better.
Meal 1: protein shake, wheat english muffin
2 Half of my big protein bar
3 grilled chicken, black eyed peas, cornbread
4 other half protein bar
5 protein shake, strawberries
6 chicken and noodles weight watcher dinner (wasn't all that good)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So that leaves today: Had a big headache this afternoon so I didn't do my workout (I know). I quess I'll hit it hard tomorrow.
Meals 1: granola bar, protein shake
2: protein bar
3: missed
4: baked hot wings (they were really good), protein granola bar
5: mandarin chicken salad from Wendy's
6: blueberries
Sorry bout yesterday. I helped my uncle track and skin a deer he shot. Nice little eight point.
Did my workout, still a little sore from earlier in the week.
Meals 1: banana, protein shake
2: protein bar
3: grilled chicken, english peas, corn
4: missed
5: leftover grilled teriyaki chicken, brown rice
6: strawberries, protein shake

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did my hiit workout today. Went to vitamin world and got me some cookies n cream muscle milk lite. Tastes alot better than the Wal-mart one. Also got some of those cookies n cream protein bars I tried over drill. Not much to say otherwise though. Here goes the meals and I'll label them this time for you Boyd since line by line isn't good enough.
Meal 1: banana, protein shake
meal 2: two hard boiled eggs
meal 3: grilled chicken salad
meal 4: granola bar
meal 5: california roll, miso soup, salad, little bit of grilled chicken
meal 6: protein shake, strawberries

Monday, January 19, 2009

Alright, I know, I know. Started out last week fine, excercise/diet. Come thursday, blah. Had bad last half, one thing after another. I am still down weight though after gaining a few back. This morns weigh 231 which brings to a total of nine down. Week 1 6 lbs, Week 2 3 lbs. As long as it keeps going down I.m okay I guess. Went back to exercises today, maybe be able to stick to it all week. I didnt start week three just continued week two, next workout will be three though. I didn't go shopping this weekend but will tonight running short on healthy stuff.
Meals today: Tuna, strawberries
tuna lunch kit with wheat crackers
grilled chicked, corn, black eyed peas
grilled chicked, english peas, brown rice

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So I quess I'll write bout today. This afternoon I did do my workouts. The jump sguats are retarded however they work you really hard. The dive bomber is a little weird. I did a modified 15 minute intensity cardio, the jumps had already got me. I'll hit it all better tomorrow morn.
Meals: muscle milk, english muffin
grilled chicken, english peas, corn
protein bar
california roll, miso soup, the little salad, and a little bit of hibachi chicken
strawberry/blueberri smoothie
Alright I have been extremely bad this week. Well not quite. I haven't done any of my workouts this week, however today I did. Lets catch up on the week first. Course i want go into thurs/fri/sat, cause I was at drill. And by the way I like the choc. muscle milk. Weighed myself monday morn down 6 pounds
Monday: muscle milk, english muffin
grilled chicken, green beans, black eyed peas
protein bar
6 inch roasted chicken breast sub

Teusday: muscle milk, english muffin
protein bar
6 inch roasted chicken sub
grilled oriental chicken salad (lite with the dressing) from Applebees